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Name : Wulan
Email :
Hi… I am Wulan Pradnya Swari, but you can just call me Wulan. I am a 23 year-old lively woman. I was born in West Java, exactly in Bandung on 13 of July 1982. I grew up in Jakarta and spent my childhood in that crowded city. Since 4 years ago, I have been working as a secretary in one of international company division in Bali.

As a secretary, I have a lot of thing to do. And it often makes me feel depressed. But it is lucky for me that one of my workmate introduced me to the card playing game. It happened 2 years ago. Basically, I am a game mania. So, soon after I get used to play the card games, I become so fond of it. The play that I like the most is poker as I find a lot of excitement and challenge in this game. I often spend my leisure time by playing this game in internet.

A few time ago, I heard from my friend that there is a club which can hold the women who have an interest in poker game. The name of the club is “Putri Bali Women’s Poker Club”. Without wasting many time, I soon registered myself to that club. In this club, the game played is not only poker, but also other card games such as blackjack, bridge, solitaire, canasta, and many more. I find a lot of excitement since I join the club. So, for you who have interest in poker and want to get many excitements for spending your leisure time, what are you waiting for? Just come up with me and register yourself to “Putri Bali Women’s Poker Club”….

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